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Growing organic visibility for leading edtech firm

Wriggle, a pioneering force in educational technology, sought to strengthen its organic online presence to reach educators and students more effectively. Facing challenges related to search rankings, they partnered with Madcraft to elevate their visibility in strategic non-branded search terms. This case study explores their path to enhancing organic visibility and the transformative results achieved with Madcraft.

The challenge

Following the successful launch of the new Wriggle brand and website, they faced a pressing issue in the form of limited organic visibility for crucial non-branded search terms within its core product categories and services. The challenge comprised two elements: firstly, Wriggle struggled to secure rankings within the top 50 positions for key search terms critical to its business. Secondly, this limited organic visibility meant an over-reliance on paid search strategies to attract parents and educators to its platform.

How Madcraft helped

In close collaboration with the client, Madcraft conducted a comprehensive examination of relevant keywords, aligning the strategy with Wriggle’s business objectives. This entailed identifying crucial non-branded search terms, with a sharp focus on pivotal phrases such as ‘iPad class sets‘ and ‘digital learning solutions for schools.’

A bespoke SEO strategy was then implemented, with a concentrated effort on two pivotal fronts: technical and content optimization. The primary objective was to enhance the performance of key landing pages on Wriggle’s website. The overarching goal was to increase their visibility within search engine results, boost brand recognition, and foster more meaningful user engagements.

Madcraft’s holistic SEO approach, integrating comprehensive keyword research, technical and content optimization, in conjunction with effective backlink growth created a harmonious blend of strategies. This approach, coupled with routine assessments of the site’s technical health, yielded tangible results. Notably, rankings and organic visibility experienced substantial growth.

Throughout this journey, Madcraft maintained a transparent, data-driven approach. Through customized reporting, campaign progress was clearly outlined, providing the client with invaluable insights. These findings enabled Madcraft to map out actionable recommendations for further campaign optimization, shedding light on areas poised for enhancement.

The Outcome

The collaboration between Wriggle and Madcraft delivered excellent results, illustrating the website’s substantial growth in organic visibility. Initially, Wriggle had no keywords within the top 3 positions, but with Madcraft’s strategic guidance, 15 keywords now appear in these highly competitive positions. Eight keywords have also reached position 1, marking a significant transformation for the business.

This campaign also achieved a significant 567% increase in the number of keywords securing positions within the top 10 and a substantial 165% growth in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) impressions for tracked keywords in Ireland. These outcomes underline the campaign’s success in elevating organic visibility and achieving the objectives at its outset, further establishing the beneficial partnership between Madcraft and Wriggle.

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Keyword Research
& Strategy

Keyword research forms the cornerstone of any SEO campaign to select and refine keywords with both Search Engines and user intent in mind.

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Technical On-Site Optimization

Optimization of all website target landing pages to Search Engine standards as well as keyword optimization of technical fields.


Contextual Link

Build contextual backlinks from schools and educational institutions that partner with Wriggle

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