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Driving digital growth for world-class strength training gym

Westside Barbell (WSBB) is the world’s most innovative and successful strength training facility globally. The gym has a history of producing many world-class powerlifters, coaches, and athletes who have set world records and won national and international championships. It has also been a pioneer in developing the conjugate method. Madcraft partnered with WSBB to provide a digital strategy followed by implementation to grow brand awareness and ROI.

Westside Barbell - Digital Marketing Strategy | Driving digital growth for world-class strength training gym

The challenge

Westside Barbell sought to better engage with its target audience, drive brand awareness, and maximize its return on investment (ROI). To do this, WSBB required a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that integrated various digital marketing elements including Email Marketing, Meta Ads, and Google Ads. The gym aimed to achieve growth in both branded and particularly non-branded acquisition while optimizing its advertising spend and enhancing its omnichannel marketing approach.

Some key objectives of the digital marketing strategy were to increase brand awareness, streamline digital marketing efforts, optimize advertising spend, and encourage omnichannel synergy.

How Madcraft helped

Madcraft undertook a comprehensive digital strategy for Westside Barbell (WSBB) to propel brand awareness and enhance return on investment (ROI). The approach integrated Email Marketing, Meta Ads, and Google Ads, creating a multichannel framework.

Meta Ads

Madcraft orchestrated a remarkable 212% growth in Meta Ads Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) within a single month, specifically in March YoY. Despite reducing Meta Ads expenditure by 42%, the revenue generated saw an impressive 81% YoY increase. This optimization strategy not only conserved budget but significantly boosted ROI. The rewards from a clearly identified social media advertising approach were evident early on.

March 2023 YoY

Transactions +86%
Revenue +81%
ROAS +212%

Email Marketing

The existing Klaviyo email marketing platform was optimized to enhance automated flows, database growth and segmentation, as well as template design. Following initial improvements, a new approach was developed including new campaign and automation ideas.

In Q1 2023 the email marketing channel experienced a YoY increase of 45% in owned revenue and an 85% increase in owned revenue as a percentage of business revenue. Owned revenue in Q1 2023 eventually attributed to 44% of all revenue generated.

The success of the omnichannel approach also resulted in a substantial increase in email signups through Meta Ads, with 361 sign-ups in just 8 weeks compared to 567 for the preceding 9 months, without any discernible spike in spending.

Q1 2023 YoY

Email Revenue +83%
Email Conv. Rate +48%
Unique Opens +22%

Google Ads

Under Madcraft’s guidance, Google Ads became a revenue-generating channel for WSBB. In February and March 2023, the platform achieved its 4th and 2nd highest grossing months since May 2021, contributing to overall revenue growth. The indirect impact on unbranded acquisition was evident in the substantial 802 email signups and a potential $72k in revenue based on a conversion rate of 60%.

The Outcome

Madcraft’s strategic orchestration across Meta Ads and Google Ads not only optimized costs and boosted revenue but also strategically increased WSBB’s digital footprint, making it a case study in maximizing digital marketing impact. This transformation was driven by the seamless integration of these channels, optimizing advertising spend and maximizing omnichannel synergy.

February - March 2023 YoY

Conversion Rate +37%
Orders +14%
Add To Cart +19%
Checkout +37%

In essence, Madcraft’s strategic guidance began transforming Westside Barbell’s digital marketing efforts from fragmented to unified, inefficient to optimized, siloed to integrated and narrowly brand-focused to a wider non-branded audience. The gym emerged with a robust digital marketing infrastructure that propelled its brand to greater prominence and strengthened its position among fitness and strength training enthusiasts worldwide.

Google Remarketing Ads Icon | Madcraft

Enhanced Omnichannel

digital marketing efforts were transformed from siloed to integrated, fostering synergy between Meta Ads, Email Marketing, and Google Ads



Madcraft’s data-driven approach to campaign optimization was instrumental in driving Westside Barbell’s digital marketing success.


Streamlined Digital

Madcraft’s expertise in managing multiple digital channels enabled optimized resource allocation, collaboration, and data analysis.

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