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Performance driven Google Ads agency

Stay ahead of the competition and connect with your audience at the right time with Madcraft, a Google ads agency. Using optimized campaigns, our team of Google Ad specialists will uncover hidden pockets of profit by generating not just traffic to your website but engaged and ready-to-buy potential customers. Our PPC specialists have helped businesses to 5X grow their revenue while maintaining a high return on ad spend (ROAS).

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Create a profitable Google Ad strategy with Madcraft

Our Google Ad strategy will ensure your PPC campaign is successful and will add visibility to your business.

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PPC Ads, driven by data

As a leading Google Ads marketing agency, we deep-dive into your competitors, relevant keywords, and customer needs to craft and optimize a Google Ad strategy unique to you. At Madcraft, we are constantly analyzing our results and adjusting our strategies and approaches accordingly to get you the best return on spend. At the end of the month, we send a detailed PPC report with an overview of successes and ways we can improve because even a great PPC agency can improve!

Our approach to Google Ads management

Google is the most popular search engine in the world, receiving over 5 billion search queries every day. With only 140 characters to use, Google Ads are a powerful and fast way to drive customers to your door by grabbing their attention with relevant keywords that target ready-to-engage traffic. Take advantage of Google Ads’ advanced audience targeting paired with our expertise to skyrocket your business today.

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Google Search Ads

Connect with customers at the moment when they are actively searching for products & services like yours.

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Google Shopping Ads

Must-have for any eCommerce business. Feature product information such as images & prices directly in your ads to help users make informed purchase decisions.

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Google Display & Video Ads

Introduce your brand to a large but refined audience by placing your banners and videos across the biggest user network in the world. 90% of all users on the internet are part of Google Display Network.

Why we are different from other PPC agencies

A unique approach

No PPC client is the same for us. We build ad strategies tailored specifically for your business and industry to address your needs & objectives. This unique approach is why Madcraft is different from other PPC agencies.

Full transparency

We create detailed reports that matter to you, monitoring and understanding your marketing and advertising campaigns. Monthly calls with a dedicated account manager to share insights & recommendations.

Accurate tracking

Accurate measurement & tracking are the cornerstones of digital marketing & we take them very seriously. We set up & test advanced Google Ads tracking to better measure Micro & Macro Conversions so you know exactly what impact Google Ads has on your business.

A/B testing & experiments

With a multitude of metrics and dimensions to consider, paid search is a complex playground. That is why we are constantly optimizing the PPC campaigns, testing different ad creatives & setting up campaign experiments to get the best results and higher return on your investment.

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Have questions?
We have answers.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay per click, which is a form of online advertising. In a PPC model, advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their ads. This is in contrast to other models such as display advertising, where the advertiser pays based on the number of impressions (views) of their ad.

Google Ads is the name of Google’s PPC platform, which allows businesses to gain visibility across Google’s properties. The most common type of Google Ads ad is the search ad, which appears on the search engine results page (SERP) for searches relevant to the advertiser’s products and services—but businesses also use Google Ads to run display ads, shopping ads, YouTube ads, and more.

Why isn't my website ranking on Google?

There can be many reasons why your website is not ranking. Google will not rank your webpage if your website is in bad health. This means your technical and on-page SEO is not strong. SEO is vital for making your website more visible, driving more traffic and creating more opportunities to convert prospects into customers.

Want to start appearing higher in the search engine? We’ve got you covered; our team has a proven SEO Strategy with a track record of results.

Do you need Google Ads?

The short answer to this is yes.
To expand though, Google Ads can address a variety of marketing objectives, including building brand awareness for new brands, increasing sales for eCommerce websites & bringing qualified leads. Depending on the business industry & marketing objectives we will help you to select the right targeting, keywords & ad formats to address the best to your potential customers.

How long does it take for Google Ads to work?

The earliest results can be seen in one month’s time as Google needs to accrue data in the initial phase of an account going live. Once campaigns gather initial data, our specialists start to optimize the account towards set goals & KPIs.

Why are Google Ads important for business?

Google remains the number one search engine in the world. Over 90% of all searches happen on Google. Meaning most of your potential customers are searching right now for products or services that you offer. Google Ads gives your business visibility & opportunity to connect with your target audience not just on Search, but also across all the other Google networks, including Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, etc.

How do I start with Google Ads?

Simply fill in the form to schedule a free consultation with our Google Ads specialist. During the consultation, we will learn about your business & objectives, identify marketing opportunities and help you create strategies to reach your potential customers better. No obligation.

Ready to grow your business?

We’re always excited to discuss possibilities. Get in touch for a free consultation call to discuss your project requirements. Our team will be happy to talk about possible solutions, and how your business can benefit. Let’s chat!

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