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Elevate your Business Identity with Strategic Branding

Your brand is everything. It’s the first impression. It’s how you communicate with your customers, to make them feel understood. It’s the lasting impression that keeps people coming back for more. Our creative strategists, copyrights, and designers work together to create brands positioned for success online.

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Clucth Rating for Madcraft Digital Creative Agency

Ranked 5 stars globally for brand and web development by independent analysts Clutch.

Why Madcraft?

Proven brand success

Our brand work has supported digital brands and bricks-and-mortar businesses through huge expansion, finding success online.

Years of experience

With over fifty years combined experience, our brand team has an intrinsic understanding of what makes up a successful re-brand or brand transformation.

As unique as your business

Our brand process is designed to support our clients’ needs – so we can scale and customise it to meet yours.

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Our brand identity process

This is more than logo design. During our brand process, we dive deep into your market, your target markets and competitor landscape, to make sure you’re positioned competitively. We absorb (and expand) your core business pillars – and we turn all that information into brand language and visuals that are positioned to help you meet your goals.

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Backed by research

We take a look at the language and visuals your competitors use, to help carve out that unique niche where your brand sits.

Visual development

Our brand designers bring together logos, patterns, brand applications and collateral that support your brand goals.

Brand writing

To keep brand communications consistent, our copywriting team works out the most important pieces of brand language, with guidelines on language that will resonate with customers.

The first steps.

First, we want to know all about your business & brand. 

How is your current brand serve your target market — or, if your business is brand new, how do you want to position it? How do you compare to competitors? Where is your brand going?

From there, we’ll craft a custom roadmap to build, expand, and design all the elements of your brand identity that you will need for digital success. We excel at taking existing brands and finding new, exciting ways to apply it. And we love getting the flexibility and opportunity of a blank slate, too!

Whatever your branding needs are, the creative team at Madcraft has your back.

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Ready to take your brand to the next level online?

If your business needs to upgrade its look, or you want to polish and expand an existing brand, we can help. We can help revolutionise or transform your brand visuals and language, to position your business competitively online. Let’s talk about it!

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