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Our Industry Specialisation

Spanning a multitude of industries, our clients trust us with their business goals, vision, and aspirations for the future. We specialise in delivering tangible results and solving their biggest challenges.


Health, Beauty & Fitness

From digital transformation to bespoke experiences, we have helped the Health, Beauty & Fitness industry become a contender in the ever-growing online world. Find out how we drive change through technology with these companies.
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Education & eLearning

Utilising the latest technology, we make eLearning effective and rewarding for both educator and student. We enable educators to connect with people and students now like never before.
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Manufacturing & MedTech

Have your Manufacturing & MedTech website reinvented to adapt to the new normal of online. We’ve helped to give our clients a competitive edge with modern designs and responsive websites.
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Web App Development Agency Ireland And Philadelphia - Example Of A Custom Web App Developed By Madcraft

Professional, Scientific and Technical

Bespoke websites and brand design, development, and creation are at the forefront of our Professional, Scientific, and Technical industries. We work closely to help these industries grow, connect with their target audience, and receive tangible results.
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Retail & eCommerce

From supporting companies in digital transformation and providing them with a new revenue channel online with our digital projects, we help our eCommerce partners drive real results through their online shops.
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Information Technology and Communication

With the digital world overtaking the information and communication industry, we help companies transform their websites to adapt in the ever-changing online digital climate.
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Financial and Insurance

In an ever-changing digital world, we help financial, and insurance institutes stay ahead of the digital curve by investing in the latest technologies and matching the current trends.
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Tourism & Travel

Connecting customers with those in the Tourism & Travel industry by digitally transforming their business and offering bespoke experiences.
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Real Estate, Architecture & Construction

Delivering tangible results across the Real Estate, Architecture, & Consultation industries. Find out how we have helped our partners to drive change through technology.
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Accommodation and Food Service

Digital experiences are dominating the accommodation and food service industries. Find out how we have helped reinvent our clients evolve, grow, and connect with customers.
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